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How to: shoot a wedding {the ins and outs & epic mistakes}

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WOOHOOO! You just booked your first wedding, you are uber, oh so excited and you think this is gonna be so freakin' awesome. Someone is paying me to shoot their wedding. I'M GETTING PAID to shoot a wedding. Thoughts race through your head and you are on cloud freakin nine. You do your happy dance around the kitchen, jumping up and down and your 3 year old looks at you like, you have lost your dayum mind.

You sit down, stare at the email and pinch yourself just to make sure this is real... then it sets in.

That feeling. The feeling of oh $%*@, I'm going to be shooting someone's wedding. I'M GOING TO BE SHOOTING SOMEONE'S WEDDING. THEY are paying me to shoot their wedding. OH my gawd, what if I f it up, I can't redo it. I don't know if I'm ready for this. What shots do I take. I don't have any backup gear. How do I shoot a wedding, if I've never shot a wedding before?? What do I do if this happens, what if my car breaks down, what if I'm sick, what if a major flood happens and it takes me 5 hours to get to the wedding where the bride just lost her house & her car and they are calling a state of emergency. AHHHHHHHHHHH. WHAT DO I DO?!

Next thing you know your lovely other half is thinking you need to be on the asap appointment list to the nearest psychiatrist to get you some happy pills....

WOW. YUP. If you ever had any of those thoughts, then this book is definitely for you. Oh & the flood thing... uhhuh happened my first year. I thought I was going to have a near life anxiety and heart attack ALL IN ONE.

This is the must have guide, anti anxiety medication not included.

How to photograph a wedding:

Topics covered:

What to know prior to the wedding to get you prepared
What to take/How to pack it up so you don't freak out
What shots to take so you don't get sued
How to do handle church/venue coordinators
Where to stand? What to say?
How to look like you know what you're doing, even if you don't (quality right there)
What do you do during the ceremony/reception
Religious ceremonies - what's ok and what's not
What to wear
How to deal with schedule changes

I've also included a good deal of my wedding panic and horror stories for your reading pleasure & how to avoid the dumb mistakes that took me years to figure out.

PDF/Digital version only